Letter to editor about smuggling in our society

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City).
September 05, 2013

The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,

Dear Sir,

In our country smuggling has established itself as a firm business. Smuggled items are on sale in tribal areas and no one can stop this practice. Electronics, weapons, cosmetics, silken cloth, Crockery, and many other things are on sale but the government machinery is helpless before the smugglers.

‘Bara Markets’ are the sales centers of all the Smuggled things. The sale and purchase of these items are quite open. When anyone buys these items and tries to, bring them to his home, legal action is taken against him. But if he is wise enough to have 2 bargain with the Smugglers, these items will be delivered to his home without any risk.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Smuggling is harmful to the economy of a country. The economy of a country mainly depends on the taxes collected by the government. if things are brought into the Country without paying the customs duty, it is a loss to the national treasury. The government has to carry the Welfare programmes by the funds Collected from various taxes. if there is no proper collection of taxes, there will be no weapons to fight against the enemy. There will be no hospitals. No schools and no parks. So the payment of excise and customs duty is necessary for the prosperity of the country.

Smuggling badly affects the national industry. Sometimes government imposes taxes on certain goods to promote the industry at home. The price of these things is low in the international market. in such cases, things are smuggled. This act is harmful to the local industry.

The smugglers are not ready to accept that their practice is illegal and immoral. They claim that they are involved in a business. But the fact is that they are cutting the roots of the economy of their country. In return to the smuggled things, they give more valuable things to their partners in other Countries.

They Smuggle out food items or foreign currency or gold. in this way, they cause double loss to the country. The things that are smuggled out become short in the market. The result is the rise in their prices. This disturbs the balance of society. So smuggling is a curse that must be crushed with an iron hand.

Yours faithfully,

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