Letter to editor about the choice of careers for women

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City).
October 05, 2013

The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,

Dear Sir,

Women are playing a very important role in any society. They are getting the same education as men are receiving. They are doing the same jobs as men are doing. Practically there is no distinction among human beings on the basis of their gender but unfortunately, Pakistani society presents a different picture. We have still imposed certain restrictions On the Women of our society.

Women are delicate Creatures, no doubt, but the strength of their determination is very great. ln life, it is actually the strength of mind that matters more than the strength of body. So these physically tender beings can perform any task of the world that is humanly possible.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Women are more than fifty percent of our population but we are doing no serious effort to educate them properly. It is quite necessary to enlighten them with the latest branches of education so that they may play their role effectively. The government has taken certain steps for providing education to girls from primary to higher level but all these efforts fall short of the international standard.

Education for girls is necessary on many grounds. The first reason is that human resources cannot be properly utilized without education. Whether women opt for jobs or not, education is necessary for them. If they do jobs, they can be useful to their families in many ways. if women are educated, they can bring so many benefits to the Society. If they are illiterate, they cannot keep pace with the modern times.

Now trends are changing and more and more women are getting the education. But it is only in cities. In villages, still backwardness prevails. People generally think that education will spoil their girls. Moreover, proper educational facilities are not available in remote areas. The result is that girls in the villages cannot nourish their desire to study. Special attention should be focussed on villages.

In cities, the facilities given to girls are not adequate. if we compare the number of schools and colleges for boys and those for girls, we will feel a striking difference. Statistical data clearly indicates that girls are more in number than boys but as far as the educational facilities for girls are concerned, they are limited. This is not justice.

The woman of our society has certain limitations. The basic role that she has to play is of a mother. So she should go for a job that does not disturb this role. Keeping in view this limitation, there are certain jobs that the ladies of our society can perform easily.

To cope with this problem, Shift system can be introduced. In the boys schools and Colleges, girls can be taught in the second shift. This measure will prove economical. in fact, co-education does not suit Our Conditions otherwise there would have been no problem at all.

An important problem in this regard is that people cannot afford to send all their children to school. Then the line is drawn at the girls. They are mostly deprived of this. basic right on economic grounds. It is a pity, but it is a reality of life. Certain incentives like stipends, scholarships, donations, and easy loans can be offered to them.

lf job opportunities are guaranteed after the successful completion of the courses, people will come to female education in a great number. In the beginning, there may be difficult, but then everything will be streamlined.

The professions of teaching and medicine ideally suit the women of our society. These are light jobs and they do not require much exertion. These jobs have their regular hours. It means a regular timetable can be maintained that will not disturb their duties at home.[the_ad id=”17142″]

The jobs in offices as steno-typists, secretaries, office-assistants at the lower level and executive jobs at a higher level also suit the ladies of our country. There is no fieldwork and no exertion in such jobs. If a lady does any of these jobs, she can pay attention to her home as well. These days new trends are developing. Ladies love to be air-hostesses or nurses. These are also the jobs of light nature. Women from gentle families are opting for these jobs.

Under the current situation, jobs are necessary for Women. It becomes very easy for the family if both the husband and wife have jobs. But at the same time, the women of Our Society should be careful in the choice of their professions. For them, their home must be more important than anything else. So they should not sacrifice the Comforts of their family at the altar of their jobs.

Yours faithfully,

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