Letter to editor about the importance of english language

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City).
September 05, 2008

The Editor,
The Daily Dawn,

Dear Sir,

English is an international language. With the advancement of science and technology, the importance of this language has become manifold. Particularly, with the introduction of information technology, English has become the only medium of contact with international data.

We realize that we cannot do without English. We should also realize that the teaching of English should also be done in an effective way. The method of English Language Teaching in Pakistan is the worst of its type. If proper techniques are adopted, we can also be fluent in our expression in English as other nations are.[the_ad id=”17141″]

For this purpose, the proper training in IELTS preparation tutorial course of the teachers is necessary. This thing cannot be done by the hit and trial method. This thing requires suitable planning and a strong will-power. If we have these things, we can come at par with other nations who are quite good at English.

English is the language that is spoken and understood internationally. If we have all our dealings at home in English, we will not find any problem whenever we get a chance of going abroad. But if we get disconnected with English, it will become very difficult for us to establish this link effectively again.

Pakistan was a part of British India. So it is not difficult for us to Switch to English as a medium of instruction at all levels. Recent surveys show that English medium schools are a success both in cities and villages. Our Society is a multi-lingual society. To most of the population, Urdu is as much a second language as is English. If we go for English as a medium of education in our schools, colleges, and universities, it will be more useful.

Yours faithfully,

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