Pride Hath a Fall Moral Story

By | December 29, 2017

Pride Hath a Fall – Story 1

Pride hath a Fall: It is rightly said that all delays are dangerous in war and hasty climbers quickly catch a fall. It is an established fact that those who stand persevered and adhere to their objective against the heavy odds turn out to be victorious. The following story of the hare and the tortoise will suffice to prove the truth of this saying.

It is related that in a certain far-off forest, a haughty hare and a humble tortoise used to live rosy life. The here was swift in his pace, but the tortoise was slow in his pace. At times, it so happened when they got together the arrogant hare spared no chance to tease the tortoise for his sluggish nature. The poor tortoise always listened and kept quiet. One day the tortoise challenged the hare to run a race with him which he accepted. Both the hare and the tortoise fixed the day for the race between two extremes.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Thus, the race started and in no time the hare was out of sight due to his brisk speed. As the tortoise was moving at a snail’s pace, so he was left far behind. On the way the hare thought that the slow-moving tortoise would never reach the winning point in time, he lay down under a cool shady tree and soon he slept. On the other hand, the tortoise kept walking slowly but steadily. While the tortoise was on his way, he caught a sight of the hare enjoying a sweet sleep. The tortoise moved on with the same slow pace but with firm conviction in his success. The time passed by swiftly but stealthily for the sleepy hare. At length, the tortoise reached the top of the hill quite amazingly.

When the hare got up from his sweet sleep, he ran to the winning point with great speed. On reaching the winning point, he was stunned to see to tortoise already there. All the other animals gathered around the tortoise on the winning point and they appreciated the tortoise for his steady work.


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Pride Hath a Fall – Story 2

If someone works slowly but regularly, he has every chance of winning his goal. On the contrary, if a person works by fits and starts, his success is not sure. The story of a hare and a tortoise teaches us the same lesson. At the same time it also teaches that we should not make fun of others.

Once there lived a hare in a jungle. He was very quick and smart. All the time he wandered here and there and enjoyed the green grass of the jungle. Near the pool of the jungle lived a tortoise. The hare and the tortoise became friends. They had good time together. But there was one problem. The hare was proud of his fast speed. He often teased the tortoise for his slow speed.

One day the tortoise lost his patience. He asked the hare to run a race. The hare laughed at the tortoise. Anyhow, the day for the race was fixed. The owl became the judge. All the animals and birds had come out of their places. The race started. The hare. ran so fast that soon he was out of sight. On the other hand the tortoise kept on Creeping  slowly.

After a while the hare saw a cool shady tree. He lay down and soon was asleep. The tortoise passed by the sleeping hare. He never thought of having any rest. He kept on moving slowly and steadily. The result was that he reached his destination after a long labour. When the hare woke up, the sun was setting down. He got up and started running to the final point. But he was ashamed to see the tortoise already there.


Pride Hath a Fall – Story 3

Sometimes superficial things look beautiful, but often they are deceptive Ultimately the real things come to our help and save us from misfortunes. The story  of a foolish stag  is a good reminder to the universal truth that “All That Glitters is Not Gold.” This story shows a conflict between reality and appearances.[the_ad id=”17142″]

There lived a stag in a jungle. He was very proud of his swiftness and beautiful horns. Once he went to a stream and saw his reflection in the clear water of this stream. He was delighted to see his beautiful horns. He was all praise for them. He said to himself, “How beautiful my horns are! They make me majestic” However, when he saw his legs, he could not be happy any more. He felt that his legs were thin and ugly. He started cursing his thin and ugly legs. He said to himself, “Why has God given me such ugly legs? I feel ashamed of myself.”

Just then the stag sensed a hunter in the jungle. Soon he heard the cries of the hunter’s dogs. Now he realized that the dogs were chasing him. He started running for life. No one in the jungle could run as fast as this stag. Soon his horns were caught in thick bushes.

He tried his best to get rid of them, but could not. Now he knew that his thin and ugly legs were a blessing for him and his beautiful horns were a curse for him. The dogs came nearer and nearer. He became helpless. His beautiful horns could not help him at all. He was just waiting for his death. Now he realized that his ugly legs were a great blessing. But alas, his beautiful horns brought his ruin.


  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • Don’t make fun of others
  • Pride hath a fall


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