Essay on Wonders of Science in English

By | December 28, 2017

Wonders of Science (600 Words Essay)

“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.” (John Dewey)

The present age is the age of science and much of our happiness depends on how man uses the immense power of science. We cannot imagine living without certain inventions and discoveries of science. These things have made life very comfortable and worth living. Think of electricity, the airplane, internet, telephone, wireless, motorcars, modern drugs which have become indispensable for the modern man. Science has also given a man a scientific outlook which is much more important because, without it, man cannot make progress.

In the past, journeys and travels took much time. Now those days are gone. The fast-moving trains and airplanes are there to help us. The world has shrunk. Telephone, telegraph, internet, mobile phones, and the Wireless flash the news across the world in a moment. Through artificial satellites, the people of one country can see television programs of the other distant countries. The trains, the automobiles, and the aircraft, which have shortened time and distance, are the blessings of science. In an emergency, help can be immediately arranged from different parts of the world within a very short time. In short, we are living in a global village.[the_ad id=”17141″]

It can be aptly said,

“Art is I, science is we.” (Claude Bernard)

One great discovery, which has added greatly to the joy and comfort of life, is electricity. Electric machines have largely supplanted manual and are producing better necessities of life in great abundance and at a much lower cost of production. Electricity works our fans, lights our houses, cooks our food and does all the things one had ever imagined. If it stops for a day, life becomes static. Not only, the life of a person but the existence of a country largely depends upon its power production mainly electricity.

Nature is indifferent rather it sometimes becomes hostile to man. It is too vast and fearful to be controlled by man. It is a science which tames nature for the benefit of man. Science has played an important role in the production of food. Due to fertilizers and modern machineries, such as tractors, carbine, thresher and tube-well engine, the of crops has gone very high. Science has come to the rescue of the poor countries that face the problems of food shortage. Now the famines break out very rarely. Medicines to kill harmful insects in fields have been invented. Engineers have built dams on rivers to provide canals with water for irrigation.

One of the greatest breakthroughs was made in the field of medical science. Surgery has made tremendous progress and has worked wonders. It is now possible to operate upon the heart and even replace it. Operations of eye, ear, and nose are very common. It has also done miracles in the world of medicines for diseases. Vaccination has made small-pox a thing of the past. Many other diseases like cholera, plague and T.B. have been fully controlled. In the field of medicine, science has also made amazing drugs and instruments. Light X-ray machines have been made which can be carried where no heavy machinery can go. We have better chances of living longer than our forefathers.[the_ad id=”17142″]

In short, science is the very breath of the modern world. Not a single field of human activity is without the function of science. We are indebted to science for the modern comforts of life. It has given power and confidence to man and has proved a good servant to mankind. Without science, the world would not be what it is. There would be no democracy, no idea of large-scale co-operation between different countries, no thought of world government. The food that we eat today cannot be prepared in sufficient quantities. Factories cannot cope with the demand for the things that people need. In fact, without science, life in the modern world would be impossible.

Wonders of  Science (900 Words Essay)

The tale and history of Man and Science relationship are quite fascinating and worth-mentioning as man and Science are now old partners of life. They have shared pain and pleasure. Science sometimes seems a sweet companion and sometimes a dragon. Man has benefited a lot from the use of Science in every walk of life. Man has also faced Curses of Science. The Wonders of Science have amazed man and the horrors of Science have horrified man. In short, it can be said that science and man are inseparable.

“Science is a key which unlocks for mankind the storehouses of nature.”

Science is a blessing for mankind. Its positive side that is the service of mankind makes it bright and beautiful. When we look at science as a blessing, we find that science has made the World a wonderland. Modern man owes almost everything to the wonders of scientific inventions and discoveries.

“Science is a great asset of human life with all its charms and horrors.”

Science has showered uncountable blessings on man. It has revolutionized human life with its miracles and amazing discoveries and inventions. Man, with the help of science has made progress from cave to furnished homes, unknown to the known, natural to supernatural and mysteries to awareness and understanding.[the_ad id=”17150″]

“Science is a tool of social progress.”

Science has turned a signaling super-animal into a mechanized man. The means of communication and transportation have brought ease and comfort to human life. The developments in the fields of communication and transportation have enabled man to completely conquer time and space. This World has become a Global Village. Diseases of various kinds have been man’s Worst enemy. The disease and death dangers have decreased sufficiently. Science has saved man from the deadly clutches of diseases and fatal Science has also gifted man hospitals.epidemics and such useful treatments that man’s life has almost doubled.

Poor sanitary conditions were one of the greatest worries of man. They were the root cause of causing epidemics and other fatal diseases. Household garbage and other refuses were thrown in streets. But today the sanitary conditions it is are much improved. Departments and laws have been made to keep cities clean. Cleanliness has bettered human life.

“Ours is a remarkable age of science.”

Science has proved that it is healthful to eat many kinds of foods. Our eating habits changed because of science. We enjoy a variety of foods. Preservation methods have also been improved to a great extent. Now there is a lot of difference between past and present. The man knows how to grow, preserve and enjoy food.

The greatest achievement of science is our firm attitude. it has rescued us from Superstitions. We have more knowledge and as a result of this we are less fearful. We have Overcome baseless fears.[the_ad id=”17144″]

“Science is a dreadfull vampire.”

It is also regarded as a Curse and horror for humanity. The dark side that makes is a curse is quite terrible and terrifying. Fear of death and destruction have increased manifold. Science also has some drawbacks. Science has made man materialistic. He does not care for morality. Allah and the soul are being treated as mathematical equations. The world of truth, beauty and goodness is considered a product of accident that created life. So, Science is a blessing as well as a curse.

Modern man no more remains a Sincere Server Of mankind. He is more power-hungry. Science has also made a man a devil’s disciple. He has threatened humanity with dangerous war weapons that have exposed to mass destruction. Scientific progress has deprived man of mental peace and happiness. Modern man is facing mental hurry and worry. Now man depends on artificial means of enjoying life.

The evils of Science cannot be overlooked. Sometimes these abuses overShadow the uses. The greatest Curse is a constant threat to the safety and survival of humanity. Science has brought both heaven and hell in the word of man. It has blessed man With undreamed and unheard of gifts of luxuries but it has also made him the slave of machines and subject to disaster and discomfort.

“Science itself is a marvel and a mystery.”

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