Essay on Pakistani Patriotism in English

By | December 27, 2017
Pakistani PatriotismPakistani Patriotism Essay - 500 Words

Pakistani Patriotism Essay – 500 Words

Pakistani Patriotism Essay – 500 Words

“Patriotism is one of great emotional expression that marked modern history.”

Love is a natural human passion and so is patriotism. Patriotism is the love of one’s country. It includes attachment to the Country’s land and people, respect for its customs and traditions, pride in its history, and devotion to its welfare. So, patriotism is a praiseworthy quality. Patriotism is always called a superior quality with a person. The patriots always sacrifice their lives for the good of their countries. This spirit of sacrifice has made patriotism a highly noble feature.

“Where there is no Patriotism, there will be no public service.”

Patriotism means celebrating the freedoms we have. Patriotism has existed in all ages and people. Proof of patriotism can be found in the art, literature, and music of many countries. Many artistic masterpieces glorify a country’s, historical events, personalities and natural beauty. [the_ad id=”17141″]Uncountable literary works praise love of country and readiness to suffer even death in defense of a Country’s freedom and good name. Patriotic songs and slogans always help to unite citizens in support of their country during time of war, revolution or crisis.

Patriotism is very useful in the interest of the country and the nation. The nation is strongly built upon the sacrifices of the patriots. The patriots give their money, time, energy and life for the good of the Country. A patriot thinks of his country. He wants that his country should be great and prosperous. He wants that his country should be ideal in every field. So, patriotism makes people love and think of their country.

“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all other countries because you were born in it.”

“Patriotism is a great object.”

A patriot always keeps a proper image of his Country before the world. A patriot will never do anything to lower his country in the eyes of others. He will never let down Or criticize his country. He will try to bring the best image of his country when he comes into contact with people of other lands. [the_ad id=”17142″]A true patriot loves his country and is ready to serve and protect it. Patriotism is a virtue which can be expressed in different ways. A true patriot tries to do everything for the development of his country.

It must be patriotism which sees the freedom of the smallest minorities as the part of social development. Patriotism must come into action every day against corrupt people, exploitation, cheating on tax, paying bribes and crushing the poor. This will develop a sense of security and trust among the public.

To conclude we can say that patriotism is a common virtue. There is hardly anyone who does not love his country. Patriotism is the best foundation-stone for the welfare, the prosperity and safety.

“Patriotism is the steady dedication of a life time.”

Pakistani Patriotism Essay – 400 Words

“Breathes there the man with soul so dead”

Who never to himself has said:

“this my own my native land”

(Sir Walter Scott)

These are the famous lines of Scott from his poem ‘Lay of the Last Minstrel’. What the poet wants to say is: Patriotism is a universal feeling. Everyone loves the land where one is born and brought up.

A soldier lays down life for his country. He does not care for his life. Patriotism calls for all sacrifices, no matter how great. Indeed freedom is theirs who have will and spirit to preserve it. The spirit is patriotism. All the great freedom fighters were inspired and are being inspired with patriotism or love for their country.

Shah Waliullah, Ismail Shaheed, Ahmed Shaheed, Ali Brothers and other renowned leaders had been great patriots. The present war for freedom in held Kashmir and Bosnia are backed and inspired with patriotism. The untold atrocities perpetrated by the Indian Army cannot extinguish the fire of patriotism. The seize of Bosania by the Christian Serbs has deprived the Muslims from food and daily necessities of life, but they have kept up their spirits. [the_ad id=”17150″]

Patriotism is a part of nationalism. During the days of colonialism, all nationalists movements had been inspired by patriotism. The ruling powers, the foreign masters had no love for the people and the lands they ruled. The ultimate result was that they had to surrender before the patriotic forces, the freedom fighters. Patriotism may be called the lifeblood of nationalism. Intense nationalism may run against love of mankind or an international order, but no nation can survive without spirit of patriotism in modern days.

In Islam, nationalism occupies a secondary place. The present current of nationalism in the Middle East cuts against Muslim unity. Moreover, national rivalries among the Arabs, have given the English a chance to force Zionism (Jews) on the Muslim soil. ‘Israel has now become cancer in the body politics of the Middle East. Islam stands for Universal Brotherhood. The last sermon of the holy prophet (S.A.W) was the Magna Carta of Muslim Nationhood. In Islam everything – land and the national resources belong to God. ‘Islamic patriotism has nothing to do with land and language.

Thus patriotism is a modern creed. It inspires spirit of sacrifice, courage and endurance among the people. Patriotism also demands respect for the laws of the government, correct use of right of franchise, and defend of the country against foreign aggression.

In a country like Pakistan torn with regionalism, five nationalities, patriotism is all the more necessary. Unless the people rise above love of the soil and language (narrow patriotism); and are united under Islamic Brotherhood, we cannot preserve our hard-won freedom. It means we must be Muslims first and Pakistanis afterward. There lies the safety for the country. Islam is unity. Its teachings and laws and their implementation can make us put our hearts together.

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