Long and Short Essay on The Internet

By | December 28, 2017

Essay on The Internet with Quotations (500 Words)

“Ours is an age of Internet and Information Technology.”

This world is a wonderland. It is full of amazingly beautiful and fascinating natural and man created things. Since time immemorial man has beautified the globe with his God-gifted faculty of brain and imagination. The man has discovered and invented the hidden treasures of this vast wonderland as his necessities motivated and inspired him. It is a truth universally acknowledged that the computer has proved itself the most amazing invention of all times.

“Human Life has become information Technology dependent.”

The basic concept behind the invention of the computer is none other than that of conquering time and space. To achieve his purpose Internet has played the most significant role. In other Words, we can say that the Internet has been the key to unlock the door to the global village. It is a proven fact that internet has emerged within no time and developed itself into a window to the World in a wink. It is the internet that has made the world as Marshal McLuhan calls it “A Global Village.”[the_ad id=”17141”]

Internet links the world together. The whole world resides at the fingertips of an individual. It offers everything to everyone every time and everywhere around the globe. A person can communicate, interact, talk and debate with anyone anywhere in the world. Due to this amazingly fast speed, the contacts are limited or minimized to seconds and even microseconds. The little machine computer is undoubtedly a complete global world.

“Information Technology has become a human need.”

The Internet has become a necessity of modern life. The means of communication how quick they may be, cannot compete with the facilities offered by the Internet. Email and voicemail facilities are unmatched. One computer can be a typist, play station, cinema, telephone, fax machine, television, tape-recorder, and even a teacher. The Whole World and every possible option are available on the Internet. The billion dollars business of the world is being done through the Internet.

“Information Technology has revolutionized the globe.”

The advent of Internet has mechanized human life. Everything has become systematic. The man has got rid of many unwanted and unnecessary things and procedures that made man’s work impossible. The man has removed the possibility of things to be impossible on the other hand, it has opened new horizons of Imagination and creation.

In view of the above facts, We can say that the internet revolution has proved itself to be the most useful aid for man. It is a solid proof of man’s inquisitive nature and innovative talent. Gone are the days when a man was a slave of time and space. Be it information Or communication and business or entertainment Computer is all in one product. It has, without any doubt, added new color and beauty and proportion to the world.


Essay on The Internet with Quotations (1000 Words)

“The Internet has opened up (made reachable) all the present age (period of history) and all the past and all the known universe on the screen before us.”

[the_ad id=”17142″]The Internet is a network (a group of computers that can communicate with each other) connecting millions of other computer networks in the world. It is made up of networks of official and educational institutions, commercial and social organizations and governments and private agencies. Historically, the US Defence Department in 1969 started the use of a computer network to help its workers to exchange their ideas and messages on it. As computer users know, the linking of computers is called “networking.” The American use of the computer network for defense purposes developed into the Internet the world over.

The Internet, now, is “a collection of individual networks connected by telephone lines.” The user of a computer network can gain information from or exchange messages with any other network anywhere at all times. The Internet, in this sense, is known as “the Information Superhighway” which anyone can use through his computer system. The Internet highway system provides information and pictures to all the computer users who are connected to it. The computer users, in their ways, offer information to the entire Internet world. The Internet is, thus, working excellently in the cyberspace or space where electronic messages, information, pictures, etc. are sent from one computer to another.

The World Wide Web (www) is the most important part of the Internet. It is a collection of millions of changing documents on computers all over the world. These documents may contain books, magazines, pictures, films, and information of all kinds. The computer is connected to the World Wide Web to gain the technical information one needs. A firm, company, office or person can have his own website for the communication of his information to others. The different websites that run into millions offer information in the sciences, arts, religions, education, commerce, industry, agriculture, governments, law and almost every topic or subject under the sun. The use of the Internet, thus, promotes the communication of all sorts of information and knowledge in different societies and countries.

Further, e-mail or electronic mail is a system that enables (lets) people send and receive messages and data (information) through networks and the Internet. A user provides his e-mail address to millions of other users on the Internet who can exchange electronic mail: messages with him. This has helped people in the government, education, business, industry and the homes to contact others at once. The Internet has provided the service of chatting (talking) to users online. Wonderfully, any number of talkers can see each other on the computer screen as they talk. This has made conferences and meetings, on computers possible between groups of businesspeople, military commanders, politicians and leaders, educators, doctors, engineers, scientists, and so on. The telephone lines, connected to the computers, make all this possible at very low costs. Gone are the days when people used only the telephone for long-distance calls at very high rates.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Perhaps the best use of the Internet is being made in education for the extension of learning and knowledge. At the start, the Internet was used for the “free exchange of information between universities and research labs.” Experts and scholars in different countries and continents exchanged information on the sciences and arts, technical and technological matters and all other subjects of their interest. Now the circle and boundaries of this information are expanding with the rapid development of the Internet after the 1990s. The information available on the Internet can be downloaded to computers.

The teachers in different classrooms can discuss with their students the information collected from the Internet. The chatting system can be used to have a direct exchange of information and discussions with students and teachers in other countries. The Internet, in fact, provides excellent chances to them to improve their knowledge without caring about their national, political or religious differences.

The Internet has surely brought countries and nations closer. Like the radio, TV, and telephone it has functioned to help in the development of the world into a global village. However, it has been put to harmful uses as well. Firstly, the Internet has been used rather too much for commercial advertising. At times, misleading information by producers is provided in their efforts to promote the sale of their goods. Orders for these goods are placed with their makers and ready payments are made through credit cards. Later, the buyers come to know about the poor quality of the goods. Secondly, information, pictures, and material harmful to the character are displayed on the Internet. This has had bad effects on young minds. Thirdly, the chatting system on the Internet brings harmful people in contact with honest users. The honest, thus, are sometimes misled and cheated. Newspapers have reported wrong marriages between Internet users as a result of chatting between them.

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