Importance of Education – Short English Essay

By | December 28, 2017

Alternate Topic names are: Persuasive Essay on Education System, Education is the key to success, Short speech about education for all Our new education policy has been prepared after following a very long but efective process. The Pakistan Coalition for Education arranged many meetings throughout the country to seek the opinion of the people. The aim was to get a uniform .standard of education for all the people of Pakistan.

The particular policy vision formulated by the Ministry of Education is:[the_ad id=”17141″]

“Education is a categorical imperative for individual, social and national development that should enable all individuals to reach their maximum human potential. The system should produce responsible, enlightened citizens to integrate. Pakistan in the global framework of human centred economic development.”

The goal of the new education policy is to provide a kind of educated individual who will be a model for his fellow Pakistanis. The 21st century skills demand such type of educated individuais. To accomplish the policy’s aim, there must be a high percentage of enrolment, minimum drop out rate and a qualitative approach to learning in the classroom.

The New Education Policy has identified two major drawbacks in our education system:

  1. A lack of Commitment to education.
  2. An implementation gap that has damaged the application of policies.

As far as the problem of the lack of çommitment to education is concerned, we spend less than 2.7 percent of GDP on education. In Such a situation, we can never expect quality educatign. With such little amount of GDP, we can eWe educate our nation. Low literacy rate and poor education are the main outcome of the commitment gap.

Our New Education Policy in Pakistan

Our education System produces individuals that have academic skills rather than the skills that are used in the production sector. Bureaucracy, feudalism is also the main factors of our poor education standard. The gap between the rich and the poor is so great that it negates the Concept of the welfare state. The poor are always in pursuit of bread and butter to keep body and soul together, while the rich are Concerned with merrymaking only.

The implementation gap is another cause of the poor education standard. Lack of planning, lack of accountability and mismanagement of allocation of funds are the main problems. Corruption is common in this sector. Ineligible teachers are posted. Political influence is believed to interfere in the allocation of resources to education system.

Our learning method is not up to the mark, Effective learning is a missing element in the policy document. That is why the standard of education has gone far below. The cause of this problem is that our teacher is not efficient. He has no fear of check and balance. He does not bother to teach his students in the right way.

We have lack of uniformity in the mediums of instruction. Urdu and English mediums are the two sources of learning. Even examination system is not the same. The rich send their children to privately-run English medium schools which offer foreign Curricula and examination system. The government schools enroll those who are very poor.[the_ad id=”17142″]

The Worldwide Policy

UNESCO recommends that the initial schooling should be in the mother tongue. So, all the provinces should commit that the initial schooling should be in the mother tongue. The education experts recommend that learning from class III onwards should be in Urdu. English should be taught only as a subject. The fault lies with the English medium instruction is that it has to be learned first and then the acquisition of knowledge takes place.

Steps must be taken to educate teachers so that they can teach in the new pedagogical requirements. An independent monitoring department selected from the public must be set up to overlook the implementation of the new policy. The citizens of Pakistan must now take part in the commitment to uplift the standard of education in the country.

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