Essay on City Life vs Village Life

By | December 27, 2017

Essay on City Life vs Village Life

Human life is a colorful panorama of natural beauty and human development. In modern times, life is generally divided into city life and village life. Village life is full of beauties of Nature, simplicity and purity. City life, on the other hand, is more developed, exciting, and very fast. Both city and village life have their beauties and attractions and their Weaknesses. On the whole, life should be enjoyed no matter it is spent in a village or city.

It is a general perception that artificiality and outward show characterize city life and village life is based on simplicity and purity. We all agree that the villagers is a natural life simply because they live in the lap of nature. They spend life according to the natural demands of work, rest, and companionship. They work from early in the morning to sunset. They have simple plans and wishes. They do not have crazy ambitions and pursuits for the unachievable. All in all, the villagers enjoy the natural charms of life.[the_ad id=”17141″]

“Life is a divine gift of ALLAH.”

City life offers machine-based joys and comforts. It has a very busy and hectic routine. People live in the company of machines. Their food is also machine-cooked. They live a life of haste and individualism. They work more and are restless. City life can be called very different from village life.

Life in the village is calm and peaceful. It is noise free. City life is full of hustle and bustle of crowded places and rush and noise of traffic. There is no feverish activity of city life in the village. The villagers live a limited and contended life. They wear simple dresses, eat simple food and enjoy simple recreations. They do not wish for luxuries of life. The women also do not indulge in fashions. So, the villagers are happy with their simple and limited tot. City life changes from moment to moment. New ways, styles, and activities emerge all the time. City life is the life of modernism, fashion, and style.

Village life is helpful for good health. The villagers work hard in their fields. The food they take is quite pure and nourishing. The village women not only do their domestic work but also work shoulder-to-shoulder with their men in the fields. They also breathe fresh and pure air. They do not face the curse of pollution. Thus more work and pure and simple food keep them healthy and strong. They are kind, helpful, sincere and hospitable. City life is fast and furious. It is hard to find a pure environment. Machine-made joys rule city life. They cannot be compared with village people in health. City people have no time to stand and stare. They live in very limited and overload personal circles and routines.

Poverty is another disappointing aspect of village life. They do not get a full and fair reward for their labor. They work day and night. The landowners exploit their simplicity. They live a poor life and find it difficult to feed and clothe their children properly. Thus, in spite of hard and honest labor they cannot enjoy the basic facilities of life. Village life has its dark side as well. The most disappointing factor of village life is illiteracy. There are nominal educational facilities in villages. Poor villagers have to travel long distances for education. This is why most of the villagers remain uneducated. Lack of education also causes other problems for them. They easily fall prey to superstitions. They are easily exploited in the name of religion. They also indulge in lawlessness and bloodshed. So, they live according to their emotions rather than reason.

It is really heart-rending that the villagers do not have basic healthcare facilities. Hospitals and dispensaries are hard to find. A dispensary or a hospital is ill-managed and ill-equipped. The disease and death ratio is alarming. As for sanitation facilities are concerned they are almost unknown to the villagers. Men and animals drink the water of same wells. City people enjoy the best health care facilities.

The villagers lead dull life. Their sources of entertainment and amusements are very few. A marriage ceremony or a village fair is the best source of their enjoyment. Their common sports are Kabbadi match, roasters fighting, and other animal races. City people have a variety of enjoyments. They have frequent parties and functions. All fields of life offer get-togethers to city people.

The good things about city life are that it is active. There is a variety of life style in it. City life offers better health and education facilities. It has more charms and joys. It is more lively. t offers individual freedom. It offers more activities. It is very colorful and stylish. City life has its charms and beauties.

In the end, we can say that though village life is not as fast, modern and entertaining like city life similarly city life is not as simple, pure and natural like village life. So, it depends on an individual, which way he likes to live-fast and noisy city life or simple and natural village life.

“The life of a man entirely depends upon the society he lives in.”

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