Two Friends and the Bear Moral Story

By | December 29, 2017

Two Friends and the Bear (300 Words)

A friend in need is a friend indeed is a world-famous proverb or saying. It means that a friend comes to you, helps you and stays with you when you are in trouble said:

A friend is one soul Aristotle in two bodies be a true friend.

The present story makes clear like daylight:

One who leaves us in the lurch (fails to help us in need) can never be a true friend. [“Lurch means” a sudden unsteady movement.]

Once upon a time, there were two close friends living in a town near a thick forest. One was thin and weak and the other was strong and muscular. The thin one said in a happy mood one day how happy he was to have a true friend-in Mr. Muscular. And the muscular one replied that he would always stay with and help-Me-Thin.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The two-man had to pass through a forest. As they were walking in it, they saw a bear coming towards them at some distance. The muscular friend at once climbed up a tree and hid himself in its leaves. He did not think of his weak friend who could not do so. The weak man lay down on the ground. He remained in his senses. When he felt the bear coming close-to-him, he held his breath and looked like a dead person. The bear came very close to him and smelt him a number of times. Then thinking him to be dead, the bear went away, at a fast pace. The muscular man sitting in the tree was watching the scene below the bum. Now he climbed down and went to his time friend who was still lying in fear. He asked him what the bear had told him in his ears.

Very meaningful was the reply of Mr. Thin. He said to the Muscular that the bear had told him that a friend in need is a friend indeed. We at once stood up and went away never to meet his selfish-friend. On his way, he sang sadly. You were selfish when I was sincere. Now I will find a true friend.

Two Friends and the Bear (350 Words)

A candid and genuine friendship lasts like a rock even in the hurricane of misfortunes and the difficulties of the situation. A true friend never deserts his friend in the lurch rather he turns out to be a sheltering tree which protects him from the sun of life.

It’s related to a far valley, there used to live two friends and they had great feelings for each other. They grew up with the passage of time. Their state of being jobless for a longer period of time really made them leave their valley. So, one day they said farewell to all their kitsch and kinds and embarked upon their journey. They had hardly covered the quarter of the distance when they happened to move through a dense forest. While they were passing through it they were scared horrified due to dreadful beasts. Suddenly, they caught a sight of a huge grown-up bear at a distance. It started moving toward them. Seeing this one of them climbed up a tree but the other did not know how to climb a tree.[the_ad id=”17142″]

He lay down on the ground at once. Then the howling bear turned to the friend who could not manage to climb any tree. He kept on lying motionless on the ground. The bear reached him; sniffed him again and again, but he did neither move nor breathe for his life. Actually, he posed to be lifeless and dead. Thinking him dead the bear went away. Seeing him safe and sound, the other friend descended from the tall tree and asked his friend,

“What did the bear say in your ear”?

He told him that the bear had told him the truth of life,

“What was that”?

said his selfish friend. He responded,

“The bear advised me not to place any trust in a selfish friend”

saying this, he took leave of his selfish friend and went on his own way leading to a glorious success.


  • A Friend in Need Is a Friend Indeed.
  • Look Before You Leap
  • One who leaves a friend in the lurch (in difficulties) is not worth meeting
  • Adversity is the acid test of true friendship
  • Fair weather friends always leave in the lurch
  • Do not always rely on others
  • Beware of selfish friends
  • Keep away from selfish friends
  • It is harmful and condemnable to be selfish

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