Essay on Importance of Tree Plantation

By | October 17, 2017

A major portion of the Pakistani flag is green, but a vast area of the country is void of greenery. The percentage of tree plantation in Pakistan is very low. It is a pity to see that the country that has the blessing of five rivers has very little greenery. According to the experts, at least one-fourth of the area of a country must have forests. In Pakistan, forests are less than five percent.

The tragedy is that we are bent upon cutting down the trees that were planted by our senior generations. t is a very common sight that every other day numerous trees are being felled sometimes to expand the roads and sometimes to construct new buildings. Sometimes we cut down trees to get timber. Whatever the reason is, this practice is highly deplorable. The more painful aspect of the picture is that none of us is ever ready to think of their replacement.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Trees are the ornaments of the environment. They beautify the earth and turn the deserts into an earthly paradise. They provide a natural abode to birds and animals. They provide them food as well as shelter. They keep the stream of life running. Without trees, the atmosphere gives a barren-look where no birds sing and no animals visit.

Trees are the friends of humanity and share our feelings and moods. They console us in our dark hours and enhance the effects of our jubilation. They encourage us to live among hardships and struggle for survival. They expose to us the craftsmanship of the Supreme Creator. They present before us the symmetry of God’s creative scheme. This is why the human voice. in literature does not become effective unless we refer to winds, flowers, plants, trees and the beings who live in their association.

Trees are the tongueless creatures who speak the universal language of the soul. We travel hundreds of miles to see the beauty of these amazing objects of nature and learn from them the precious secrets of life. They teach us endurance, well-being, grace and sacrifice. They live for others and add charm to the lives of those who depend on them. In the West, a new branch of knowledge has emerged in recent years in which ecologists and psychologists are working collectively to connect the environment with the human psychology. This new Science is called “ecopsychology”.[the_ad id=”17142″]

Ecopsychology is the study based on the increasing worldwide concerns over the environment. The ecologists say that global warming has plunged our planet into a crisis and we have reached the dangerous level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. This situation is disturbing human psychology. Its remedies lie in man’s return to nature and in promoting the objects of nature all around us.

Tree plantation is the major key to the most of our environmental problems. Trees provide pollution-free atmosphere and Counter the unhealthy activities of human beings that bring harmful and damaging effects to the atmosphere. Modern research says that a big tree provides oxygen that is sufficient for thirty-six children. It is an admitted fact that greenery has a soothing effect on man’s psychology. It helps in nurturing the spiritual growth of an individual and saves him from depression, loneliness and embarrassment by developing positive feelings in him like love, loyalty, beneficence, happiness and satisfaction.[the_ad id=”17150″]

Our country is a tropical country and most of our land is arid. We should pay special attention to tree plantation because only through forests we can bring moderation to the hot climate. Trees will bring freshness to the dry surroundings by adding moisture and oxygen. They will make the sandy land of our deserts compact and will help in controlling soil erosion. They will also provide a natural defense against floods.

We have the forest department in each of our provinces, but its performance is not highly commendable. Every year millions of rupees are spent on the tree plantation campaign but the desired results are not achieved. The reason is that there is no proper monitoring system of protecting and nourishing the plants. The sapling needs the same care that a human baby requires. The rate of their survival in our Country is very low. If we have a will to make Pakistan green, we will have to take measures to protect plants.

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