Paragraph on If Tailors Went on Strike

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  • Hue and cry among the fashionable?
  • News in newspapers.
  • It would bring about social changes.
  • It would affect the markets.
  • It would prove a boon to some persons.
  • It would raise the status of tailors.
  • The strike should be prolonged.

Tailors are mostly independent persons. Hence, they can easily raise their stitching charges without resorting to strike. But let us imagine that for one reason or another they would go on strike. Then, of course, there would be strange developments.

If tailors went on strike, there would be a great hue and cry among the fashionable folk, as if heavens were going to fall. Fashionable women would be hard hit by this strike. They would organize a public meeting and would raise their protest against the action of tailors. Thereafter they would send a deputation to the Home Minister urging on him to intervene in this matter. Newspapers would publish this news in big head-lines and editors would write articles denouncing the hasty step of tailors.[the_ad id=”17141″]

This strike would bring about many social changes. First of all fashions in dress would gradually disappear. People would put on whatever clothes they possessed. They would also use clothes which they once discarded. Ladies who daily wanted to have blouses and petticoat of new patterns would learn the lessons of simplicity in dress. Those, having sewing machines, would stitch their own clothes a lesson in self-help indeed! When the clothes would be torn, we would have to adopt our ancient dress. Without attractive clothes marriage celebration would become simple, if not dull.

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This decision of tailors would lead to a great demand for sewing-machines and ready-made clothes. Their prices would soar high and soon they would make their way into the black market. At the same time, the demand for dhooties, sarees and mull would increase. But nobody would touch shirting and coating.

At the same time this strike would prove a boon to many persons. Poor persons would be on the same level with the rich. A man having a battalion of children would not have to bother about their coats, shirts and frocks. But more happy than all would be the husbands of extravagant women who would require little to spend on clothes.

Such a strike would raise the status of tailors in society. Ten we would realize that our modern civilization owes much to tailors. We look so decent, tidy and attractive because of the invaluable services of tailors. But in order to have a lasting result (good as well as bad), the strike should be prolonged. A short strike would not help the tailors and others.

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  2. This is amazing website from where I can search and print my utility bills and educational material.
    Thanks for publishing this site to help Pakistani people.

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