Chapter 14 (Transport) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

What is the function of pericardium?

Pericardium protects the heart, prevents it from over extension, and reduces friction.

What is myocardium made up of?

Myocardium of the heart is made up of special type of muscles, the cardiac muscles. The cardiac muscle fibres contain myofibrils, and myofilaments of myosin and actin.

What is tricuspid valve?

The valve present between right atrium and right ventricle is called tricuspid valve as it has three flaps.

What is bicuspid valve?

The valve present between left atrium and left ventricle is called bicuspid valve as it has two flaps.

What are chordae tendinae?

Chordee tendinae are fibrous cords which attach tricuspid and bicuspid valves to the papillary muscles which are extensions of wall of the right ventricle.

What is semilunar valve?

The valves present at the base of pulmonary trunk and aortic trunk are called semilunar valves. They prevent the backward flow of blood.

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