11th Biology

Chapter 14 (Transport) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

What is the life span of leucocytes (WBC)?

Granulocytes survive for one week. Monocytes stay from 10-20 hours in the blood, then enter tissues and become tissue macrophages. In this form they can live for months or even for years, unless destroyed performing phagocytic function. Lymphocytes have life spans of months or even years.

What is the function of monocytes and nuetrophils?

They reach the site of wound where bacteria have gained entry.

What is the function of macrophages and nuetrophils?

They feed on bacterial invaders or other foreign cells, including cancer cells.

What is the function of eosinophils?

They are phagocytic, and ingest foreign proteins and immune complexes rather than bacteria.

What is the function of basophils?

Basophils produce heparin a substance that inhibits blood clotting. These also produce chemicals, such as histamine, that participate in allergic reactions in response to tissue damage and microbial invasion.

Account for the functions of plasma proteins, or Name the proteins present in blood plasma. Give their functions.

Immunoglobulins (antibodies) play role in body’s defense against disease Globulins maintain viscosity of blood. Albumin is a carrier molecule for fatty acids and it also plays a role in maintaining the osmotic pressure in blood. Prothrombin acts as a catalyst in blood clotting process. Fibrinogen takes part in the blood clotting process.

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