Chapter 9 (Kingdom Plantae) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

What is male gametophyte of angiosperms?

Pollen grain germinates to form a pollen tube. The microspore divides by mitotic divisions to form two male gametes and the tube nucleus. At this stage of development, the pollen grain is called male gametophyte, having two male gametes.

What is female gametophyte?

The megaspore present in ovule develops into female gametophyte. This consists of seven cells only. One of these cells is the egg or oosphere.

What is double fertilization?

In angiosperms, the fusion of one male gamete with the egg and the other male gamete with the secondary (fusion) nucleus is called double fertilization.

What is endosperm?

Endosperm is a triploid nucleus formed by the fusion of one gamete and secondary nucleus in angiosperms.

What is the advantage (importance) of double fertilization? or What role double fertilization plays in the storage of food?

It is an important evolutionary advancement in which food storage in fertilized ovule is made only on fertilization i.e., formation of zygote. This actually helps the plant to economize its food resources.

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