Chapter 9 (Kingdom Plantae) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

What type of androecium is present in Solanaceae?

5 stamens, free but inserted on the corolla tube (epipetalous), rarely stamens 4 and didynamous (arranged in two whorls of 2 each).

What type of gynoecium is found in Potato family?

A compound pistil of 2 united carpels ovary obliquely placed. Superior, bilocular, or imperfectly 4-locular by false septum.

What is Placentation and fruit of Solanaceae?

The placenetation is axile. The fruit is a berry or capsule.

What is the economic Importance of potato and tomato?

Potato: The most important plant in the family is Solanum tuberosum (Potato white or Irish Potato). In Ireland peoples are completely dependent on Potatoes.

Tomato: Lycopersicum esculentum (tomato), the favourite home garden vegetable, was once believed to be poisonous.

What is the economic importance of Brinjal, Capsicum and Physalis?

Solanum melangena (egg plant or brinjal) is food plant.
Capsicum: The fruit of Capsicum annum and Capsicum frutescens are rich in vitamin C and A, are used as condiment.
Physalis: Pysalis (Ground-Cherry) produces an edible fruit enclosed in a bladder like persistent calyx, the husk, giving the name husk tomatoes.

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