Chapter 9 (Kingdom Plantae) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

What type of placentation and fruit is found in Caesalpiniaceae?

Placentation: marginal; stigma simple.
Fruit: Legume.

What is medicinal importance of family Caesalpiniaceae?

The leaves of Cassia alata are used to cure ring worm and skin diseases. Cassia senna and obovata are cultivated for the leaves which yield the drug Senna, which is the base for a laxative (facilitating medicine). Oil extracted from the seeds of Cynometera cauliflora is applied externally for skin diseases.

What are ornamental plants of Caesalpiniaceae? or Write scientific name of Kachnar and Amaltas.

Common ornamental plants are Bauhinia variegata (Kachnar), Cassia fistula (Amaltas), Parkinsonia, etc.

What is economic importance of Bauhinia and Tamarindus?

The leaves and flower’s bud of Bauhinia variegata are used as vegetable. The acidic fruit of Tamarindus indica are edible and are rich in tartaric acid. The bark of Bauhinia perpurea and Tamarindus indica is used in tanning (converting into leather, or give brown colour).

Why seeds are naked in gymnosperms?

In gymnosperms, the megasporophylls bearing ovules are not folded and joined at the margins to form an ovary. For this reason the seeds lie naked on the sporophylls.

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