11th Biology

Chapter 9 (Kingdom Plantae) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

What is the inflorescence of Rosaceae?

Variable, solitary or may be racemose or cymose cluster.

What type of flowers is found in Rosaceae?

Mostly bisexual, and actinomorphic, often perigynous to some degree, usually showy and scented.

What type of calyx and corolla are found in Rose family?

5 Sepal rarely 4, united at the base, usually green. Petals 5, or numerous in : multiple of 5, free rosaceous, large and showy.

What do you know about the androecium and gynoecium?

Androecium: Numerous stamens, sometimes only 5 or 10. Gynoecium: A simple pistil of 1 to numerous separate carpels, or various united, ovary. generally superior, sometimes inferior.

What type of Placentation is exhibited by Family Rosaceae?

Placentation basal, when the carpel one or apocarpous, but axile when the carpels are many and syncarpous (fused).

What are Ornamental plants? Give some examples from Rosaceae.

A large number of plants are ornamental and are grown in gardens for their beautiful and scented flowers. Perhaps the most widely cultivated genus for decorative purpose is Rosa, Rose which has been grown in gardens since ancient times and whose named cultivars (a plant variety produced by cultivation) are now numbered in thousands. Many other genera are also grown for their beautiful flowers in the parks and gardens.

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