Chapter 8 (Kingdom Fungi) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

Level: F.Sc (Pre-Engg)
Class: 1st Year
Board: Punjab Textbook Board
Subject: Biology
Chapter 8: Kingdom Fungi
Type: Short Questions
Author: Kiran Mehtab
Pages: 8
PDF Size: 2 MB

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Name some edible fungi.

About 200 species of mushrooms (e.g., Agaricus sp), morels (e.g., Morchella esculent), truffles (underground fruiting bodies of some Ascomycetes, eg: Tuber sp) are common edible fungi.

What is the function of constricting ring?

Some species of Arthrobotrys trap soil nematodes by forming a constricting ring, their hyphae invading and digesting the unlucky victim.

What is economic importance of fungi?

  • Certain fungi are edible e.g., mushrooms (e.g., Agaricus sp), morels (e.g., Morchella esculentb), truffles
  • Certain fungi are used in food industry e.g., yeasts (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).
  • Some fungi are source of antibiotics and some other drugs e.g., Penicillin is obtained from Penicillium notatum
  • Some natural dyes obtained from lichens are used in textile industry.
  • Yeasts are heavily used in genetic/molecular biological research because of their rapid generation and rapidly increasing pool of genetic and biochemical information.
  • Fungi are responsible for many serious plant and animal diseases.
  • Saprobic fungi cause incalculable damage to food, wood, fibre, and leather by decomposing them.

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