Chapter 6 (Kingdom Monera) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

What is the disadvantage of water blooms formed by cyanobacteria? or What are water blooms? What is their effect on animals?

Many species of cyanobacteria form water blooms, where they often give unpleasant smell and due to a large amount of suspended organic matter water becomes unfit for consumption. Some species produce toxins that kill livestock and other animals that drink the water.

What is the habitat of Nostoc?

Nostoc is common terrestrial and subaerial cyanobacteria. It is widely distributed, in alkaline soils and on moist rocks and cliffs.

When hormogonia are formed?

Hormogonia are formed when filament breaks at different points into smaller pieces. This is due to death and decay of ordinary cell or the heterocyst may serve as a breaking point.

What is unique about the structure of bacterial ribosomes?

Some may also be loosely attached to plasma membranes. There are thousands of ribosomes in each healthy growing cell. They are smaller than eukaryotic ribosome (14-15 nm x 20 nm).

What is a trichome in Nostoc?

Trichome is a chain of cells, which is unbranched and appears beaded. All cells in trichome are mostly similar in structure but at interval are found slightly large, round, light yellowish thick walled cells called as heterocysts.

Differentiate between streptococci and staphylococci.

When cocci are arranged in irregular, often grape-like clusters, arrangement is called staphylococci. Whereas when cocci form long chain of cells then arrangement is called as streptococci.

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