Chapter 6 (Kingdom Monera) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

Define sterilization.

The process in which physical agents are used to control bacterial microorganisms is known as sterilization. In this process all forms of life are destroyed.

What electromagnetic radiations are effective in killing of microorganisms?

Certain electromagnetic radiations below 300 nm are effective in killi microorganisms. Gamma rays are in general used for sterilization.

How heat sensitive compounds are sterilized?

Heat sensitive compounds like antibiotics, serums, hormones etc., can be sterilized by means of membrane filters.

How photosynthetic system of cyanobacteria closely resembles that of eukaryotes?

Their photosynthetic system closely resembles that of eukaryotes because they have chlorophyll a and photosystem 11. They carry out oxygenic photosynthesis, i.e., they use water as an electron donor and generate oxygen during photosynthesis.

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