11th Biology

Chapter 6 (Kingdom Monera) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

Differentiate between photosynthetic and chemosynthetic bacteria.

Photosynthetic bacteria utilize sunlight as a source of energy while chemosynthetic bacteria oxidize inorganic compounds like ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, sulphur or ferrous iron.

How photosynthesis in bacteria is different from green plants?

During photosynthesis bacteria use hydrogen sulphide (H2S) instead of water as hydrogen source and liberate sulphur instead of oxygen. In most green plants chlorophyll is present within chloroplast while bacterial chlorophyll is dispersed in the cytoplasm.

Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

Bacteria which can grow in the presence of oxygen are called aerobic bacteria while those which can grow in the absence of oxygen are known as anaerobic bacteria

Differentiate between facultative and microaerophilic bacteria.

Facultative bacteria grow either in the presence or absence of oxygen e.g., E. coli. Some bacteria require a low concentration of oxygen for growth and are known as microaerophilic e.g., Campylobacter.

What is generation time?

The interval of time until the completion of next division is known as generation time.

How bacterial decomposition play significant role?

Bacteria decompose organic matter and play a significant role in the completion of cycle of nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and carbon.

What is economic importance of bacteria?

Bacteria are used in number of industries, including food, drugs (production of antibiotics and vaccines) and in biotechnology. Bacteria are also responsible for spoilage of food and vegetables. Many plant pathogens adversely affect agricultural industry.

How binary fission occurs in bacteria?

In binary fission parent cell enlarges, its chromosome duplicates, and plasma membrane pinches inward at the centre of the cell. When nuclear material has been evenly distributed, the cell wall thickens and grows inward to separate cell into two.

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