Chapter 6 (Kingdom Monera) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

What are antiseptics?

Chemical substances used on living tissues that inhibit the growth of microorganisms are called as antiseptics.

What is Hydrophobia or rabies?

Hydrophobia or rabies is a disease transmitted to people by bites from rabid (mad) dogs, cats, and other animals.

What are antibiotics? Write their sources.

Antibiotics is a Greek word (Anti, against, and Bios life). Antibiotics are. chemotherapeutic chemical substances which are used in treatment of infectious disease. Antibiotics are synthesized and secreted by certain bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi.

What care should be taken in the use of antibiotics? or Write three precautions in the use of antibiotics.

  • To determine drug of choice, one must know its mode of action, possible adverse side effects in the human beings
  • Use antibiotics as prescribed by the physicians
  • Take dose at regular intervals and complete the treatment time as advised by the doctor

Give two disadvantages of misuse of antibiotics.

  • Misuse of antibiotics such as penicillin can cause allergic reactions
  • Misuse of antibiotics can interact with the human metabolism and in severe cases it can cause death of human beings

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