11th Biology

Chapter 3 (Enzymes) F.Sc 1st Year Biology Short Questions

Why Competitive inhibitors are unable to make product.

Because they are not able to activate the catalytic sites.

Differentiate between activator and prosthetic group.

Some enzymes use metal-ions as co-factors like Mg2+, Fe2+, Cu2+ & Zn2+ etc. The detachable co-factor is known as an activator if it is an inorganic ion. If on-protein part is covalently bonded to enzyme, it is known as a prosthetic group e.g., FAD, FMN, haem.

Write basic difference between lock and key model, and induced fit model of enzyme action.

According to Lock and key model, there is no modification or flexibility in the active site of enzyme before, during or after the enzyme action. However, in induced fit model, a slight change occurs in the structure of enzyme during the action.

Why enzymes are denatured at high temperature.

Enzymes, are proteins which cannot maintain their structure at high temperature so they are denatured.

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