Chapter 2 (Biological Molecules) F.Sc 1st Year Short Questions

Name a nucleotide used as an energy currency by the cell.

ATP is the nucleotide used as an energy currency by the cell.

What kinds of nucleotides DNA is made up of?

It is made of four kinds of nucleotides namely, d-adenosine monophosphate (d-AMP, adenylic acid), d-guanosine monophosphate (d-GMP, also known as d-guanylic acid); d-Cytidine monophosphate (d-CMP, also known as de cytidylic acid) and d-thymidine monophosphate (d-TMP, also known as d thymidylic acid).

What is polynucleotide chain?

The nucleotides are united with one another through phosphodiester linkages in a specific sequence to form long chains known as polynucleotide chains.

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What is NAD?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, abbreviated as NAD, is an example of dinucleotide. It is an important coenzyme in several oxidation-reduction reactions in the cells.

What is the amount of DNA in a cell?

The amount of DNA is fixed for a particular species, as it depends upon the number of chromosomes. The amount of DNA in germ cells (sperms and ova) is one half to that of somatic cells (skin, muscle, bone cells etc.)

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