11th Biology

Chapter 1 (Biology & its Major Fields of Special.) 1st Year Short Questions

Differentiate between organ and organelle.

Sub-cellular specialized structures like mitochondria, Golgi complex, endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes etc., are called organelles. While different tissues having related function assemble together in a structure to carry out its function with great efficiency. Such structures are called organs e.g., stomach, kidney.

Differentiate organ and organ system formation between animals and plants.

In animals organ formation is far more complex and clear, which are part of organ systems where total functions involved in one process or phenomenon are carried out. The organ level is much less definite in plants then it is in animals. One might distinguish roots, stems, leaves and reproductive structures.

How does law differ from theory? Compare theory with law.

A theory is a possible explanation, but a scientific law is a proven explanation of a phenomenon. A scientific law describes observations while a theory provides an explanation. A scientific law cannot be changed by additional observations, but a theory can be changed.

What is meant by integrated pest management technique?

Combating of pests by utilizing all methods as and when required and ensuring a participation of community in this programs is known as integrated disease management.

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