11th Biology

Chapter 1 (Biology & its Major Fields of Special.) 1st Year Short Questions

From which word evolved the present term vaccination and vaccine.

Cowpox pus is known as vacca. From this word evolved the present term vaccination and vaccine.

How people are vaccinated or what is vaccination or inoculation?

Inoculation or vaccination is carried out to make the people immune when exposed to the virus or bacteria at the time of epidemics or in some disease the individuals are vaccinated in their early life to make them immune to those diseases.

What is Radiotherapy?

It is the technique in which the cancerous part is exposed to short wave radiations from the radioactive material repeatedly at regular intervals.

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy consists of administrating certain anticancer chemicals to the patients at regular intervals.

What is gene therapy?

This technique has been developed to repair the defective gene. This consists of isolating the normal gene and inserting it into the host through bone marrow cells. This is called as gene therapy.

What is integrated disease management?

Combating of disease by utilizing all methods as and when required and ensuring a participation of community in this programmes is known as integrated disease management.

Define Clone and cloning?

A clone is defined as a cell or individual and all the asexually produced offspring while Cloning is the process of generating a genetically identical copy of a cell or an organism.

What is bioremediation? Give example۔

The removal or degradation of environmental pollutants or toxic materials by living organisms is called bioremediation e.g., application of oil-degrading bacteria to an oil spill.

What are an endangered species?

Various animals which if not protected would soon be extinct. Such animals are said to be endangered species.

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