F.Sc 1st Year Biology Notes

Level: F.Sc (Pre-Medical)
Class: Part I
Board: Punjab Textbook Board
Subject: Biology
Total Units: 14
Type: Helping Note

F.Sc (Class XI or HSSC-I) Biology helping notes according to a new pattern of all boards of Punjab in which Bahawalpur, D.G Khan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, Mirpur (Azad Kashmir) and Federal Board are included. It has been published by Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board, Government of Punjab. This book has the following chapters in it.

1Biology and its Major Fields of SpecializationView
2Biological Molecules View
3Enzymes View
4The Cell View
5Variety of Life View
6Kingdom Monera View
7Kingdom Protoctista or Protista View
8Kingdom Fungi View
9Kingdom Plantae View
10Kingdom Animalia View
11Bioenergetic View
12Nutrition View
13Gaseous Exchange View
14Transport View

Its authors are:

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  1. Prof. Dr. Azizullah
  2. Dr. Hamid Saeed
  3. Dr. Khan Rass Masood
  4. Dr. Javed Iqbal
  5. Mr. Javed Iqbal Mughal
  6. Prof. Dr. Anjum Sabri
  7. Prof. Dr. Javed Iqbal
  8. Prof. Dr. Shahida Hassnain
  9. Mr. Zia-ul-Islam
  10. Mr. Amjad Tariq
  11. Mr.Shah Nawaz Cheema
  12. Mr.A.R. Saeed

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    1. Ayat rao

      this is the old syllabus …I want the notes according to new syllabus of bio ist year.federal boardd..plxx upload the answers of chapter according to the new syllabus…


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