Pakistani Versus European Dress Paragraph


  • Dress is not only a style but also a necessity.
  • Governed by factors of climate, profession and geographical conditions.
  • Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of Pakistani dress.
  • Characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of European dress.
  • A judicious combination of both is good for Pakistan.

Dress is not a matter of fashion. It is a necessity of a civilized man. Days were when Adam and Eve moved freely without dress. But when innocence departed even the barbarians covered a part of their body with leaves.

But the ideas of beauty and art differ from man to man. What is beautiful and artistic to Pakistani may not be so to a European. Hence, various mods and styles of dressing came into fashion. But it must not be forgotten that dress is not only a matter of fashion but it is also governed by a country’s climate, geographical surroundings, Occupation. etc. Thus we see that there is not only an art of dressing but also a science behind it.

Short Paragraph on Perseverance (430 Words)

Pakistani dress is the result of perhaps, centuries of experiments. Pakistan is a hot country and therefore loose fitting dress is a necessity. That is why there is Pajama among the Muslims and dhoti among the Hindus. Women put on loose, free and thin cotton or silk saris and shalwar. In the method of putting on saris, again the geography of the country plays its part. Women in Azad Kashmir and refugees of Delhi, Agra etc. put on tight pajamas. Again, Pakistani dress is also governed by occupation or profession. A business man puts on a dhoti, while a farmer or a manual labourer puts of a tight Pajama. The advantages of Pakistani dress are many, namely, it is very free, airy and comfortable. It takes only a few minutes to put it on. It is suited to our life. It is not costly or complicated like the European dress. The disadvantages are that it is unfit for active life. It is not efficient and smart. It is a burden while running or walking fast.[the_ad id=”17141″]

European dress is admirably suited to the requirement of the people of Europe. It being very cold there, trousers, socks and shoes are necessary. It being very cold there, trousers, socks and shoes are necessary. It is also necessary to cover the body with as many clothes as possible. They have their shirt. Waiscoat, jacket (coat) and a heavy overcoat nad hand gloves. The neck also shold not be open and they tie it with a neckite. It has the advantages of keeping a person warm all day. The ladies put on frockes and stockings, and some of them put -:’on fur coats over their frocks. European dress, on the whole, is smart. It is suited for quick or active work; but its disadvantage is that it is very expensive and takes a long time to put on.

We must adopt some part of the European dress if it give us more comfort and happiness. We can use trousers, and shoes if our profession requires constant movement from place to place. But to sit always with shoes, socks and trousers in our home at all hours of the day is little comic, if not absurd. In the controversy between the two modes of dressing, a brilliant reply was given by Late Quaid-i-Millat when he said that it was as absurd to put on Pakistani dress while in Europe, as to put on European dress while in Pakistan. In matters of dress, we must consider only our comfort, and combine the good elements of both Pakistani and European dress according to our profession and climate.

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