Essay on Terrorism and Suicide Bombing

Topic: Terrorism and Suicide Bombing
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Terrorism and Suicide Bombing Essay (700 Words)

If we look around, we find the reign of terror everywhere. Newspapers are full of terrorist activities. Terrorism means the organized use of violence. Small illegal political, regional or sectarian organizations commit this type of violence. Their main purpose is to focus the government to accept their unlawful demands. These days, the whole world is badly hit by the wave of terrorism. But the position in Pakistan is all the more alarming.

Terrorists have developed a network that has roots in other countries as well. Their purpose is multi-dimensional. Sometimes they want to gain political ends and sometimes they want to reap economic benefits. Sometimes religious purposes urge them to commit such acts and sometimes the regional prejudices are the causes. Anyhow, whatever the motive is, their victims are always innocent people. This is why such acts are never hailed anywhere. Our government, our people and our leaders all condemn such acts of cruelty.

The Organized violence has recently taken a new turn in the form of suicide bombing. This type of violence actually started in the 1980s. In 1991, a Tamil woman exploded herself to kill the Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. Since then it has become a regular practice. Palestinian Muslims used it successfully against the Israeli forces. The Chechenian Muslims followed the same techniques against the Russian forces. In Afghanistan and Iraq, the freedom fighters are involved in this type of welfare. As Pakistan is an American ally, the situation is worsening here as well.

[the_ad id=”17141″]People involved in the acts of terror are usually trapped by the evil-mongers. Such people normally range from twenty-five to thirty-five years of age. This is the age when a person can very easily be misled by false motives. Pakistan seems to be a fit place for terrorist activities for many reasons. Our society provides very little chances to our young men to flourish. Rising prices have deprived them of the basic facilities of life. Most of the young men seem willing to do anything for money. Corruption and lawlessness are other frustrate the young people of our country. Then they fall an essay victim of terrorists.

These are many reasons behind this trend. After the incident of “nine-eleven”, the whole world has turned into a war zone. A misunderstanding between the American Allies and the Muslim world is the main cause of the present day violence. American occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq has pushed the Muslims to the wall. They have been deprived of the basic facilities. So they find just one option before them, which is of violence only.

The other reason is that Pakistan gives moral support to the innocent Kashmiris. To counter it, India sends its agents in the territory of Pakistan to create problems. They are involved in the acts of bomb-blast and attacks on the religious places. The result is that the activities of the political parties turn to violence.

What are such activities getting out of control?

This is the equation that worries true Pakistanis. The main reason is that we are perhaps not following the right policy. Instead of crushing the terrorist activities, we should uproot the causes. Terrorist activities flourish in a society that is deprived of the basic facilities. Poverty, ignorance, and frustration lead people to such criminal acts.

We should give the facilities of education and employment to our young generation. This will keep them enlightened and satisfied. They will not turn to lawlessness and violence. We should improve our judicial system as well. It should be made easy, quick and cheap. Law and order should be maintained strictly. If we let democracy flourish in the country, people will feel relieved. They will learn to settle their matters peacefully. Proper planning should be made to save people from mental worries. In this way, they realize the importance of their lives as well as of the lives of others.[the_ad id=”17142″]

whatever the reasons are, terrorism is a serious threat to the existence of Pakistan. Those who play with the lives of the innocent people should be crushed sternly. Illegal weapons should be banned. The death penalty should be given to those who commit any violation of this ban. Commando action should be taken against the terrorist organizations without any discrimination.


Terrorism and Suicide Bombing Essay (400 Words)

Terrorism means the use of force and threats against persons, groups or governments for political or other purposes. Terrorism is not a modern activity. Hundreds of years ago societies were not as organized as they are today with modern facilities of roads, telephone, regular police force, and so on. Then heads of strong groups of people, robbers, and warriors made use of force and threats to life and property to get their aims.

Now terrorism itself is quite an organized activity. There are terrorist organizations or societies that train terrorists for their purposes. Sometimes these organizations, are supported by foreign governments and huge funds and modern weapons are easily provided to them. There can be some terrorists like robbers acting personally for limited purposes.

Firstly, a regular terrorist organization usually works against the government. It tries to damage essential government buildings, offices and public places like railway stations and airports with bombs and destructive weapons. It kills people and destroys property in crowded places like market centers and bus stations. This sets the people against the government and causes public demonstrations. The bomb blasts and the resulting deaths and destruction in different parts of our country are an example of such terrorism.[the_ad id=”17150″]

A terrorist organization, operating in a country, usually gets money and weapons from foreign governments. It also joins hands with forceful groups or parties opposed to the government inside the country.

Secondly, nations or big communities within a country use terrorist methods to gain greater freedom or independence. Thus the Sikhs in India have been committing acts of terrorism to achieve self-rule in Punjab, The Irish people in North Ireland have been terrorizing the British government to force it to grant them independence.

Thirdly, there are internal or international terrorists like Carlos who actively hijack planes or kidnap (take away unlawfully) important or rich persons. They demand huge amounts of money for the release of prisoners or some political concessions for the return of the airplanes, passengers or the kidnapped persons. Air hijackings have been quite common.

Terrorism needs to be checked very carefully. The government should force all the people illegally present in the country to leave. It should force the refugees to remain in their camps all the time. It should arrange to stop the illegal flow of arms and money into the country from abroad (other countries). It should have an effective secret service which can report all kinds of terrorist plans. It may help the United Nations to establish a special anti-terrorist international force.

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