Essay on Food Crisis in Pakistan (900 Words)

By | May 6, 2016

Food crises is posing a serious challenge to poor country like pakistan. This problem has come to the forefront during the recent years but its roots have gone very deep and it has a long history. The appearent causes of thi sworldwide problem are the high fuel proces and disappointing harvest because of the climate changes. The rising demand of food due to excessive population growth is another factor.

This crises has given our nation a severe economic shock. Though it is looming throughout the world. Our country has been adversely affected by it, It is so because majority of our people are already poor and these rising prices of food items have crushed them. If this situation continues for a long time, our developing economic will fail to give any support to our hungry population.

Economists exposes fears that this food shortage may get worse and result in a slow and silent disaster. 75% increase in the prices of foodgrain, meat, vegetables and edible oil during the near past relates a sad tale of misery. More than half of our people are already undernourished. His rise in prices has dobles thier problems. If proper means are not taken, the result may be a famine.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Our problem is slightly different from others. Most of countries have available food through not at cheaper rates. People in Pakistan have suffered from both the problems. Food items are scarce as well as dear. In poor countries like Pakistan, the comman masses are extremely low paid. They cannot easily spend money on plain food. This is why more than half of our people are suffering from malnourishment. At the sametime they are unable to generate their resources to pay more for basic needs. They have been hit hard by this food crisis.

The Actual responsibility of this grave situation directly falls on our government. In an agricultural country like ours, it is manageable task, but it is always mishandled. This situation is not new. The figures available in the government offices have never matched the ground realities. This is why most of our planners work chiefly on suppositions. It is a common practice that during the harvest, wheat is exported at a rate lower than the international prices. Later, a large amount of wheat is exported at a rate lower than the international prices. Later, a large amount of wheat is imported at a far higher rate.

The reason for this mismanagemęnt is te financia interest of those who are in authority. First they give misleading figures to the quarters concerned and earn a lot of profit in the process of exporting wheat. When the shortage of foodgrain occurs, they import the same commodity at a higher rate and again earn a lot of profit. In this way, food crisis in our country is mostly engineered and planned. his is the responsibility of the accountability cell to handle such cases strictly so that this foul practice should be stopped forever.[the_ad id=”17142″]

In this process, the sufferer is the poor man of our country. With every passing day he is getting poorer and poorer, while the engineers of such food crises (plural of crisis) are earning more and more profits. I’ll he responsibility again failis on the government in such cases, our government should give relief to our poor people so that they may get their necessary food at normal rates.

The inefficiency of the government machinery is also visible from the fact that the production of wheat and rice has always achieved its tragets. But the lack of storage facilities and non-stop smuggling create shortage. As such, this Shortage is mainly the outcome of mismanagement and mal-intentions. The price of wheat or rice during their harvest in Pakistan is usually lower than that in the neighbouring countries. This is why most of our foodgrain is Smuggled. This speaks of the negligence and poor control of of our administration.[the_ad id=”17150″]

In the international market, there are other factors responsible for food Shortage and increasing prices. In advanced countries, certain crops are utilized in energy sector. Maize, rice, wheat, oats and barley are famous bio-fuel crops. These types of foodgrain serve as good Sources of ethanol. As such, if the fuel value of grain exceeds its food value, utilization of bio-fuel crops in the energy sector will also go up. Keeping in view this situation, the experts have expressed fears that the increase in the prices of food items is not a temporary problem. It is likely to continue for more years.

When the international market gets affected by a problem, no country can escape the disaster. Our government should show the sincerity of purpose and should take massive steps to save our people from any emergency. For this purpose, more storage facilities should be created and borders sealed to check the smuggling of foodgrain.

Final Conclusion is Our government should give subsidy on fuel and electricity being in agriculture sector. The same type of subsidy should also be given to farmers on seed and fertilizers. In this way, the cost on the production of our crops will be reduced. Additionally, the farmers will be able to earn more profit which is necessary promote the growth of food.

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