Short Paragraph on Floods – 417 Words

By | December 14, 2015


  • Cause: heavy rainfall.
  • Sudden and unexpected nature of floods.
  • Houses, cattle, men and trees are washed away.
  • Relief work.

Pakistan is a country of rivers and mountains. It is blessed by nature with plenty of rain. When it rains, it rains heavily. Rivers van become swollen with water rushing into their banks from all directions. Sometimes the supply of water is so much that the river rises in level, overflows its banks and drowns fields, houses, villages and parts of cities that come within its reach. These floods are common in Pakistan. Every year one reads of floods in some river or another, often causing great damage.

Floods are always sudden and unexpected. A mass of water is seen rushing down with the speed of the fastest locomotive and before one can say, ‘Behold it comes and goes! Those who have been to the river for bathing or washing clothes are taken unawares and are swept off their feet, helplessly crying for help. Cows and buffaloes which the farmer took to the river for washing are also seen floating on the surface like helpless tufts of grass. Fishermen are carried away, entangled in their own nets. When the floods are extensive, the water rushes into the heart of the city or the village and destroys, houses, crops, trees property and human as well as animal life.[the_ad id=”17141″]

The plight of human beings under these circumstances is most pitiable. Their belongings are destroyed. They have nothing to eat and no roof to shelter them. When the means of communication are broken off, it takes much time before any help from outside can be rendered. Meanwhile, they suffer and die.

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When the floods subside, the whole area looks dull and dreary. Houses have collapsed. The streets are covered with pieces of wood and dead bodies of animals. Trees are uprooted. The crop iso destroyed. Storehouses and shops of grains are washed away. Thus floods give birth to famine. Often after the floods, diseases spread and people die in large numbers.

To fight against cruel nature, poor human beings, without being disheartened, organize relief work. Appeals are issued for food, clothes and money. Many selfless social workers come forward and work day and night to relieve the suffering. Many generous-minded persons contribute huge sums of money. The government also gives some help. The floods take only a few hours to destroy, but it takes years to restore the flooded area back to its normal life.

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