A Day in the Life of a Cricketer Paragraph


  • Important Day.
  • In the morning.
  • Departure.
  • As a fielder and bowler.
  • Watches the batting of his team.
  • He goes to bat.
  • His experiences on the ground.
  • He returns.

All days in the life of a cricketer are not equal. On normal days he performs his usual duties either as a master or as a servant. But a day when he plays in a test match is an important day for him.

On such a day he gets up in the morning and takes some “Keep fit” exercise. He must be feeling a little bit nervous like a student appearing in the examination. When he leaves his house, he must be feeling some strange sensation which may be a mixture of fear, pleasure, love of glory, all combined.

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If his captain loses the toss, he goes to the playground along with his companions. Then he has to perform the important task of fielding, If he is a good bowler, he has to bowl. When he takes wickets people clap and he is very happy. He catches a ball and there are shouts of “Well done,” “Well done.” But sometimes when he misses a catch he feels sorry.

Sometimes he has to run here and there to catch the ball. He has to stand for hours together in the scorching heat. At times he must be feeling tired. When the wickets fall quickly he feels happy. And at last the last wicket falls. Now he heaves a sigh of relief and goes to the pavilion.[the_ad id=”17141″]

Now it is the turn of his team to bat. For some time he gets. rest. If the rival team has scored a big total he feels a little bit nervous. Now like other spectators he watches the game. If the players of his team play steadily, he feels at ease; otherwise, he becomes somewhat worried. Then comes his turn. He steps out of the pavilion like a bold soldier entering the battlefield. He knows that his fame depends upon his performance. In the beginning, he tries to become steady. At the same time he studies the bowling. Once he is steady, he wields his bat freely. When he sends the ball to the boundary, people applaud him with claps. This encourages him and he steps out to send the ball again to the boundary.

But his task is not easy. He has to watch every ball carefully, He has also to watch the position of fielders. He has to run fast to get runs. Sometimes he gets hurt by the fast balls. In this way he piles up the total of his team. Ultimately he is caught out or run out or clean bowled and returns to the pavilion, fully satisfied with whatever he could do for his tearn.

When he returns to the pavilion many persons shake hands with him and congratulate him. Now he takes tea or cold drink and once more becomes a spectator. After the play he goes home thinking of the next day’s turn of events. There his wife and children greet him. Thus a day in the life of a cricketer is full of thrills mixed with occasional shocks and joys.

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