Letter to younger sister for improving English writing

Examination Hall,
August 21, 2007

Dear Sister,

I hope this letter will find you in the best of health. I am pleased to know that you are reading a lot these days. Before you join your Bachelor programme, you have about four-month long interval. It is good that you are doing a lot of reading In addition to that, I would suggest that you should try your best to improve your writing and speaking skills. These two skills are very important in this new era of Communication. You know, English is the medium of instruction at Bachelor level, especially for the Bussiness Management studies you are going to undertake. You will need to do a lot of written assignments, article reviews, and answer examination questions in English. For this, you need to develop your writing skills. Make it a habit to summarise what you read. You can also write short articles of your choice. If you send me your written work by post, I shall give you some feedback. As for as oral communication is concerned, this is much needed in seeking a good job. For developing your speaking skills, you may join a short language course offered by the British Council. You should also watch the programs offered by the BBC and the CNN. I hope this exercise will keep you a lot in making you fluent in English. I am afraid I have advised you too much.

How is ‘Guddoo’ and Mehnaz. Pay my salam to Daddy and Mummy.

Yours affectionately,

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