Letter to father explaining the cause of your failure in the examination

Examination Hall.
A.B.C. (City)
May 15, 2018

Dear Father.

I hope you will receive this letter very kindly. You must have received my result card by now and I know it must be really disappointing for you. I promised you to get more than 85% marks in the first term exams but I couldn’t even score the passing marks. : It seems befitting that I should inform you about the causes that led to this failure. In fact, as I have told you in my previous letter that I had been suffering from a severe viral infection. It was an eye infection and the patient needs to wear dark glasses till he recovers. Unfortunately, it was contagious and I got it from a friend before exams. Consequently, it affected my preparation for exams and then my result. I didn’t tell you then because I didn’t want to worry you. Moreover, my papers of Physics and Chemistry were set out of course. This obviously hampered my efforts. Please don’t get worried about my studies as I am fully recovered now and paying my full attention on the coming exams. I will show you good results.

Pay my regards to Mama and love to youngsters.

Your loving son/daughter,

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