Letter to your younger brother to give up smoking

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City)
May 15, 2018

Dear Saad,

I hope you will be quite well along with the members of your family. I have received a letter from father. He is much worried about your activities. He has complained that you are wasting your time and health in smoking and other useless activities. Dear brother, smoking is detrimental to health and a science student cannot afford such carelessness. You know the merit in professional colleges is going high and high. Unless you get outstanding marks there can be no hope of getting admission to any professional college. Then you will realize the importance of hard work. Therefore, I advise you to give up smoking and all your social activities and devote yourself fully to your books. You must remember that our father is not a rich man. He has to work hard to meet our educational expenses. We must do our best to come up to his expectations. Hopefully, you will mend your ways and learn as much as possible from your worthy teachers and the books. You will realize that inculcating the habit of hard work is extremely essential for leading a successful and balanced life.

I hope you will start acting on my advice.

Your affectionate brother,

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