Letter About Broken Roads in City

Letter About Broken Roads in City

Examination Hall,
A.B.C (City).
June 5, 2010

The Editor,
The Dawn,

Sir, I want to draw the attention of authorities concerned about the grim problem of broken roads in the city. The condition of the roads is deplorably poor and unsatisfactory. The roads are replete with pits and ditches which are usually filled with dirty and sewage water. Gutters and manholes are lying uncovered even in the middle of the main roads. These open holes have proved deadly for many children and old people, so far. The traffic of heavy vehicles like that of KB buses always remains on the move on these roads.

Many fatal accidents have taken place because of these broken roads, not to mention the harm caused to vehicles driven on them. Now, it has become virtually impossible for the patients and sick people to travel on these jumpy, jolty, and jerky roads leading to the main hospital of the city. Even the shortest journey takes quite a long time to end. Some contractors left the roads incomplete several months ago and they never came back to finish their work. This has made the frustration of the inhabitants overwhelming.

Letter About Broken Roads in City
Letter About Broken Roads in City

Ironically, no official pays any attention to this alarming. situation. One thing is quite obvious that the standard material and proper procedure are not being used for making and repairing these roads. The concerned engineers and contractors are definitely involved in corruption which is claiming many lives of innocent people every year, rather every individual’s life is at stake due to this uncertain condition. The impassivity and indifference of the concerned high officials are also very shocking and surprising for the masses. In this fast-moving and ever-changing world, no country can make progress unless the roads are in good condition. It is the first and foremost duty of every good government to provide the citizens with proper roads to travel on. The large funds are allocated every year for the maintenance of roads but, in practice, the purpose of these funds seems to be thoroughly defeated.

Whoever is responsible for the repair of the roads and open gutters should be severely punished. Adequate and prompt steps are required to better this gloomy situation.

Yours Truly,
X.Y.Z. (Name)


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