Short Paragraph on Carpet Weaving

Carpets are made of wool and some other kind of stuff. They are spread on the floor and they look beautiful. It is the requirement of all the rich. Hand-woven carpets are very expensive and they are not of reach of the poor and middle. Multan is known for carpet-weaving. There are skilled workmen in both places, who have been doing this work for generations, and whose hands and eyes have been trained by long custom. Heredity makes their fingers so deft that an outside observer cannot at all follow the intricate process.

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Short Paragraph on Carpet Weaving

The foundation of the carpet is a warp of cotton, wool, or hemp thread. It is as wide as the carpet you wish to make. In each of these threads. coloured wool is dexterously twisted, so that the two ends stick out. Then these are cut to one level. Then woollen threads are passed through the warp as in weaving. Since these are quite delicate they need to be cleaned only from professionals from Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati to maintain the quality of the carpet. The lines of warp and woof are compacted together by a kangi. Then the surface is clipped all over again, so as to make it smooth and level, and the carpet is complete.

Dying and weaving in various designs, shapes, such as forms of animals or birds or geometrical figures, are jobs which require great dexterity, and which only trained men can perform

The whole thing is in the mind of the worker. Pakistan workmen are known for their skill. Choice of appropriate colours, the harmonious blending of dies, and the details of decoration make their products exquisitely beautiful. The pictures of plants, flowers, parrots, elephants, horses, peacocks, etc., are wonderfully woven in the fabrics, and each figure is done with the appropriate colour, and alteration of light and shade. Paris, Vienna, London, where they command a large and ready sale. Irani carpets are regarded as best all over the world and are most famous.

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