Letter to the editor about terrorism and its impact

Examination Hall,
A.B.C (City).
June 5, 2017

The Editor,
The Pakistan Times,


Terrorism is not a new phenomenon. But over the years terrorism has become more lethal, more widespread and more difficult to control. Terrorist attacks in Pakistan killed over 35000 people during the last ten years. It has also caused huge material damage of 70 billion to the economy. These acts of violence have virtually shaken the very foundations of the country in recent years. A constant sense of insecurity and uncertainty has demoralized the public overwhelmingly. Hundreds of innocent people are being killed every year by these cold-blooded terrorists and saboteurs. They are professional killers who have no personal feeling towards the intended victims. Their assignment is based on hatred and desperation and they are usually actuated with a big amount of money.

Joblessness, injustice, Afghan war, Kashmir issue, religious strife improper security measures, easy approach to deadly weapons, sectarianism and Talibanization are the obvi the obvious causes of this brutal and inhuman act. Anyway, terrorism will remain a part of our political scenario unless we adopt a neutral policy in world politics. We should not render ourselves an absurdạo puppet in the hands of big powers which have waged a cold war against one another. Secondly, the de-weaponization programme should be implemented without any discrimination. [the_ad id=”17141″]Thirdly, the provision of justice should be made sure, for sometimes, people lift weapons to settle their personal scores and eventually become professional killers. Fourthly, the government should try its best to eliminate ignorance and joblessness from the country. Fifthly, the security measures should be made foolproof and police official should remain high alert on crucial public places. Lastly, the government should make the example of the terrorists by hanging them on the public places.

Besides these measures, the government should adopt strong and single minded opposition to it on every front. The public should be motivated to combat? this colossal crime against society. Religious leaders and the intellectuals also have a fundamental obligation to help create a climate of peace and respect for all the conflicting sects. The reversed personalities of the two major sects should also avoid injuring the feelings and leading sentiments of each other’s people. Greater use should be made of television and radio to highlights the dangerously negative effects of terrorism and violence on Pakistan’s vital security, economy, and national unity. By this way, we may be able to cope with this monster which has threatened the very bedrock of our national existence and peace.

Yours truly,
X.Y.Z. (Name)



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